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Custom Art Work
Starts at $75

We empower you to design and personalize your own shoe artwork, turning your vision into wearable art that truly speaks to you. Our skilled artists are superior at bringing your ideas to life on the canvas of your chosen footwear. From intricate designs to bold statements, we're here to transform your shoes into unique masterpieces that tell your story.

Chunky Laces
Starts at $200

We offer the ultimate statement-making upgrade by installing large chunky laces into your sneakers, turning them into captivating fashion statements that demand attention.

Our skilled craftsmen meticulously integrate these bold laces, transforming your footwear into unique works of art that exude confidence and individuality. 


Rhinestone Detail
 Starts at $250

Our skilled artisans meticulously embellish your shoes with intricate rhinestone designs, adding a touch of glamour and radiance that catches every eye. Whether you're looking to add a subtle shimmer or create an all-out sparkling spectacle, we're here to make your footwear dreams come true.

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