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Sneaker Reglue

Our skilled restoration specialists are masters of precision, employing advanced techniques to seamlessly reglue soles and ensure a bond that stands the test of time. Bid farewell to the frustration of sole separations, and say hello to sneakers that not only look but also feel as comfortable as they did on day one.

Sole Swap
Starts at $200

Our expert technicians skillfully replace worn-out soles with ones sourced from another shoe, breathing new life into your footwear. Our seamless sole swap service doesn't just make your shoes wearable again – it gives them a fresh twist that'll have heads turning. 


 Starts at $175

Experience the transformation as we bring new life to your worn-out kicks through our expert sneaker repaint service. Whether it's a chipped midsole or areas in need of touch-ups, our skilled artisans work their magic to restore your shoes to their original glory.

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